• Verminous / Teaser work for upcoming album

    Video, live sound, editing by Linus. Shot at the Kill town Death fest festival 2012 in Copenhagen Denmark, multicamera production. Graphics by Agge / www.verminous.com

  • TAVLAN / University exam sound/video project

    Tavlan. from linus hoeglind on Vimeo. My examination project that I made back in 2005, video was produced by my friend Johan and together we did the concept and directed. I produced and recorded all sound and music. Actor: Daniel

  • Screamer / Live multicamera production

    All video and sound by Linus, for testing out a multicamera production with light equipment (used Canon EOS 5D Mark:II, GoPro Hero3 for video and Zoom Q3HD for sound capture) Band: Screamer (Ljungby, Sweden)

  • Marionette / Music video

    Video, editing, directing, postproduction made by Linus Concept and co-editing by Marionette / www.marionette.se