[blog] 18 of March, status update

Alright blog-visitors, I want to wish you welcome to this first textbased post on this blog.. My original intent with this website is to show off some of the stuff that I create, like a portfolio, but it has now evolved into the second stage, that is for me to give my readers some update about future projects and also to look back at some classic moments. Who knows what the future will hold, but I will use the “news” category as my more “bloggy” output.


So what is my current status?  As you might know, I am currently (and have been for a few years) working full time as a media teacher, teaching in the Swedish upper secondary school (with youngsters 16-19 year old) at a media/æsthetic program. This takes up way more than the 8 hours of day I get payed for, but it’s a really great chance for both me (and the teenagers obviously) to learn and evolve with new technology and trends.

However, on the little spare time I have left after this, I usually spend on working with some of my projects, right now I got a few going, some minor and some major. The ones I can share here is that I just during this very evening made some more promotional material for my great friends in the amazingly talanted (yet underrated) band Skyfire. I am also acting manager for them and have made some promotional material for them in the past as you can see here:


I helped organize a live show for them in St Petersburg, Russia and to get more viral promotion over there I created this video in just about an hour (and one hour of exporting.. need more cpu power).  During this trip I will shoot many hours of material for a “road movie” but mainly I will film the entire concert and if it turns out as great as I hope it will, it will be released at the same time as their forthcoming new EP as bonus material.


I am also working on a webproject that I will reveal more details about later on, but my main thing as of right now is that I am close to finishing a show that I recorded with the excellent Heavy metal band Screamer at their album release show in February.  For this show I had some help recording it from a former student of mine (thanks Mattis!) and I used this equipment for the recording (7 cams in total, four camcorders, two Zoom Q3HD sound recorders and my favorite the GoPro Hero3 (the DSLR was only for still photography this time..)). Screamer recording equip.


You can get an exclusive glimpse of it right here, remember this is a rough cut, but it shows the power of this tiny cameras in action (no sound editing has been done yet):



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